BROAD TOPIC : Science - Existence of Aliens

TOPIC : Do aliens exist.?

SPECIFIC PURPOSE : To convince my audience that there are aliens or living things in other world.

CENTRAL IDEA : Proof of aliens existence, alien research groups and pictures of alien

Have you shaken hands with an aliens.?


Hoover wrote that the evidence in a recent journal, Journal of Cosmogoly edition of March 2011. Hoover argued that the test results on nine collection of meteorites is called Meteorite Carbonaceous CI1, it shows that there are bacteria that comes from the region of origin meteor.
Hoover said in his writings that filaments complex found in the CI1 Carbonaceous meteorites showed no bacterial microfossil ‘natives’ of cyanobacteria.
Cyanobacteria are blue-green bacteria that fall into the category Autotroph photosynthetic bacteria. He can produce their own food with the help of sunlight chemically.
According to Hoover, who found that the material detected as cyanobacteria are likely to show the existence of life outside the earth’s living things. And Hoover did not dismiss that it was the final conclusions of the research.

There has been evidences all around the world, some unnoticed, some depressed, and some waiting to be heard, but the evidence that we have got in our hand since last 5000 years lies somewhere in King Tuts Pyramid in Egypt.
On the walls, one could easily find the ET launching the Rocket and disc, as well as native egyptians offering food the deities who very much resemble our ET image, and images of current technologies like submarines, helicopters, rockets, fighter planes, tanks, and many other equipments that one could never have imagined at that moment.
Most remarkable of all is the pyramid itself, the precision and alignment of the three pyramids according to the orion's belt is itself made through such a precision which is not possible for the people 5000 years ago. There must have been a technology far advanced than hours which must have helped us if not built it with us. Many of the plants and animals on earth are considered out of the general evolution theory which is still a strange thing. If it was evolution then why did not all the human evolve, why do we still find untouched tribals in base of the Amazon river, these are the questions moving in all the mind, and there are many such answers being hidden by Government of our nation, but it is the time, we prove and it and we believe it and we meet them in person.
external image 384897_f520.jpgexternal image 384898_f520.jpgexternal image 384899_f520.jpgexternal image 384900_f520.jpg

external image rockrus.jpg
A mysterious rock carving
near Navai, Uzbekistan, Russia.
It's estimated to be at least 3000 years old.
The men appear to be wearing respirators.
Could the object with rays be a space rocket?

the WOW signal

In 1977, at Ohio Sate University, The Big Ear radio telescope picked up an unusual signal. Big Ear used numbers and letters to determine the strength of a signal, 0 being meaningless noise and Z being a strong radio signal. An astronomer, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman, studying the data from the telescope was shocked when a radio signal clocking in at ‘6EQUJ5’ came from a seemingly empty spot in space. Ehman was so shocked that he circled the signal on the data sheet and simply wrote ‘Wow’.
The transmission lasted 37 seconds and came from the Sagittarius constellation. Even more interesting is the fact that the nearest star in that specific direction is 220 million light years away. In other words, the signal came from an empty spot in space. It is also interesting to note that the signal had all the characteristics of an interstellar broadcast.
Some have tried to explain that the signal is somehow of an Earthly origin, but this seems unlikely as the signal was in a frequency that is internationally banned on Earth. The conclusion that has the most evidence going for it is that it is of an extraterrestrial origin, and because there are no stars near where the signal was found one can conclude that it came from a spacecraft manned by intelligent entities.

The Drake Equation

N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;
R* = the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy
ƒp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
ƒℓ = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life
ƒc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.

Radio astronomer Frank Drake developed the Drake equation so he could estimate the number of planets harboring intelligent life in the galaxy by taking into consideration the factors listed above. A rigorous estimate using the Drake Equation was implemented in 2001, which also took into consideration the number of planets that are in the habitable zone (The habitable zone is an area around a star were water is in liquid form, temperature is ideal, and photosynthesis is possible). The results found that hundreds of thousands of life-bearing planets statistically should exist. It also suggested that a habitable planet like the Earth should exist just a few hundred light years away.
I find it unfair if I did not now also give equal mention to the Fermi paradox. The Fermi paradox states that if so many planets exist with intelligent life why is there a lack of contact between the intelligent life and us and why is there such a lack of physical evidence of said intelligent life. The paradox exists in that the Drake equation statistically proves life should be abundant and yet physical evidence says otherwise. It is hard to combat the arguments from the Fermi paradox except that some physical evidence does exist as you can see from this writing.

there is a group that make a research on aliens. The group named Aliens Research Group (ARG). they have some evidence on existence of aliens in their website. such as photos, videos and the reports.